About Us

Ayurvedic Treatment in Brampton, Ontario

Jot Ayurvedic Centre is clinic run by Dr. Gurjot – the best ayurvedic doctor in Brampton, Ontario. Dr. Gurjot established Jot Ayurvedic Centre to promote health naturally through Ayurvedic Medicine in Canada. Jot Ayurvedic Centre is known for treating the diseases both illness and wellness perspectives.The main aim of our clinic is to strictly follow the principles of Ayurveda, which is to promote longitivity and prevent disease.

Ayurvedic treatment at the clinic is provided for physical and spiritual benefits for each individual patient. Ayurvedic (natural) treatment for all types’ diseases from head to feet:
• Hair Disease Early Falling, White hair.
• Low Eyesight or infection in eyes
• All Types of Skin diseases like Rashes, Psoriasis, and Eczema.
• Dental Problems, Bad Breath.
• High Cholesterol.
• High Blood Pressure.
• Diabetes.
• All Types of Sexual Problems of Men and Ladies.
• Mental Problems like Stress Hormonal Changes.
• We Have Great News for Those People Which Want to Reduce Their Body Weight (With Our Treatment 2lb-4lb per day).

You are welcome to contact Jot Ayurvedic Centre with any enquiries! Call +1 647-465-2800 to book an appointment or write to us at info@jotayurvediccentre.com to know more about Jot Ayurvedic Centre’s treatment. We will be more than happy to assist you.