Live Life with a Healthy Liver!

Live Life with a Healthy Liver!

A healthy liver is a mantra of a healthy life. To emphasize its significance, the Liver basically has a primary role in the entire body. The second-largest organ in the body squeezes minerals, vitamins and other nutrients from the food we eat and supply it healthily throughout the body.

Flushing out the harmful toxins from the body maintains a balanced blood sugar level in the body. Also, it produces immune factors that stop bacteria and viruses from entering and worsening overall health.

High Cholesterol

A healthy cholesterol level in the body is essential. Our body has two types of cholesterol- LDL is the good one, and HDL is the bad one. An increase in HDL cholesterol can create a heart disease as it leads to plaque build-up in the body; thereby, blockage in the heart is possible.


If you have a medical history of liver damage, the symptoms of which are progressive for months or years, you are more likely to meet yellow skin and eyes symptoms which is a potential sign of Jaundice. In severe cases, internal bleeding or bruising is possible. The brain is one of the most hard-hitting areas.


Edema is one of the most common medical conditions associated with liver infection. It occurs due to a leakage in the tiny blood vessels of the body (capillaries). Thereby leaked fluid builds up in the surrounding tissues leading to swelling in the area.

What is the Best Way to Improve Liver Health?

High cholesterol, Jaundice, and Edema all are medical conditions linked with liver functioning. Your liver is the chief mechanism of the entire body. Its poor health can severely impact the overall functioning of the body. And better than Ayurveda, there’s no other medical science that promises health improvement of the liver.

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