Arthritis – Forget about Painful Days

Arthritis – Forget about Painful Days

Swelling or tenderness in bones, especially on the joints, can be a potential sign of Arthritis. The most common symptoms pointing at the risk of developing Arthritis are pain and stiffness in joints. The pain can worsen with time as its symptoms and causes are primarily associated with aging. But it is worth noting that there’s not a single type of Arthritis but many.

Knee pain

The most Arthritis affected area is your knees. Arthritis symptoms may develop gradually in the knees. It happens because joints become stiff with aging, resulting in a person may find it hard to bend knees, sit and stand properly.

Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis, also known as degenerative Arthritis, is associated with spinal pain. Wear and tear of spinal discs that got worse with age, pain in muscles and back are associated with Cervical spondylosis.

Lumbo-sacral, Spine disorders and Sciatica

Pain that starts from the lower back and reaches down the back of your legs can be a warning sign of Sciatica. The spine disorder is uncommon and may make walking, running, and sitting painful.


As you age, bones become weaker and brittle; thereby, the body itself absorbs and replaces these tissues. But sometimes, the body fails to do so, and owing to that creation of the new bone is obstructed, and a potential sign of Osteoporosis comes to light. The medical condition can later cause fractures in the bone with minimal pressure.


Rheumatism Arthritis is one of the severe medical conditions that primarily targets joint areas, ligaments, bones, and muscles.


This arthritis form can be a hallmark of severe pain, tenderness, or redness in joints. The problem is likely to arrive if too much uric acid is being deposited in the joints.

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