High Blood Pressure

What is High Blood Pressure/ Hypertension?

Hypertension is a term which is utilized for high blood pressure (blood pressure higher than 140 more than 90 mm Hg). It is a typical condition in which the drive of blood against our walls of artery is sufficiently high that it can prompt to different other medical issues, for example, heart issues.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

The main causes of high blood pressure are:

1) Hyperactivity of brain and peripheral nervous system

2) Hormonal imbalance

3) Fetal malnutrition especially related with low weight at birth

4) Increase in general toxicity levels in our body due to and wrong lifestyle

5) Hardening of arteries due to vascular hypertrophy or poor functioning of endothelium

6) Hereditary inheritance

7) Excessive sodium retention due to disorder of kidneys.

Ayurveda has remedies that can help you control High Blood Pressure and improve heart health.

According to Ayurveda; hypertension is not simply a health problem of physical body. It is a psychosomatic problem, where both the body and mind are involved altogether. You might have noticed hypertensives are the fellows who worry a lot or who are too much sensitive in nature (irrespective of their physique). So long as we do not address the involvement of the mind part in the cause of hypertension; we can not normalize the blood pressure. The treatments as discussed above are just treating the symptoms not the root cause. High blood pressure itself is not a health problem; it is a manifestation of the wrong which is going on inside the body. So Ayurveda has a right plan for you, to continue with and that too without any RED MARKS!!!

  • Balance the body and mind axis: This is the first thing Ayurveda believes in doing. It can be translated in many ways like improving your hormones and managing your metabolism at the best, but truly this is the effort with a “wholistic” approach where Ayurveda balances the working axis between body and mind.
  • Stress is not a routine: Generally it is noticed that we have accepted the stress as a common and normal thing in modern lifestyle! It is not so. You have the keys for stress and happiness both, you need to manage your life in a proper way. Have you noticed when things are stuffed in an wardrobe it looks like a complete mess and when the same stuff is placed and organized properly, it will make the same wardrobe a piece of beauty and presentation. So this is you who can change the things not the wardrobe (the life)!!
  • To manage the whole body as a unit: This is not only the blood pressure, when we talk about your health we need to think about the whole body and that is the only possible way to talk about complete wellness.
  • Your Diet is the index of your health: You want to stay healthy so you should opt for healthy diet, not “blood pressure” oriented diet alone, your diet should be according to your Doshas.
  • Managing your Dosha in Balance: Journey of health in Ayurveda can be narrated like- from Imbalance to In-Balance! We do stress on balancing of your Doshas for complete wellness.
  • Respecting the Individuality: The figures and patterns of the blood pressure change according to individuals. so it is not only about managing some good figures of your blood pressure, this is all about your wellness and wellness comes with individuality.

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